Monday, October 17, 2011


Kirsten Hassenfeld's work is composed of delicate jewelry and cameo portraits all composed of elaborate work in paper. Her work is similar to a subject I am interested in through the mysterious glow of nature -- bioluminescence of fauna and flora.

"Each piece is frosted with dripping swags, chains, honeycomb beads, and gem-like crystal. Closer inspection reveals pictorial vignettes: a branch holding a tiny swing, a girl with curly hair twirling in her antebellum gown, a woman and a lacey pony in a miniature gazebo, and a pendant featuring Bacchus raising his cup of wine. Lit from within, the installation glows with an ethereal light, creating an otherworldly environment in keeping with the installation title: a French idiom referring to daydreaming that can be translated as "head in the clouds." "

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