Saturday, April 21, 2012

Artist's Statement

Explorer’s Journal

My name is Lindsay Balfour, illustrator of worlds, sculptor of life, paper engineer of wonder, and amateur naturalist. I am a maker, inventor, and innovative thinker in the fine arts. Living on the other side of the world as a young child has blessed me with a unique experience that shaped my perspective in so many areas and my sense of home is the world around me rather than one specific place. Whether I travel abroad, across town, or just to a park near home I know I can find biological novelty and cultural inspiration.

For my senior thesis, under the deep depths of the Arctic sea I discovered a not only a jellyfish, but a living timeline of nature in an untouched environment. It is truly the biology of the strange; no eyes or nose, they manage to find their way fluttering curiously in the dark sea with no destination other than innocently living its life. Each illuminated fold represents a pictorial moment in time etched onto its body, reflecting the character of an omniscient creature. We never dream of being alone with a godlike creature; and when we do we view this being as terrifying and yet inspiring. When I call myself a naturalist, I specifically refer myself as a visual and conceptual scientist. On the field I know there is a chance of major discovery. My artistic process is drawn from what I discover and to recreate a unique entity based off what I have learned and observed. 

You can find my sketches display under the creature itself.