Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bioluminescence: Underwater Light Show

If you have been following my blog, you can see that I have an unnatural attraction to

David Gallo: World of Bioluminescence and Pattern

Artistic point of view is amazing. Some colors are designed to hypnotize, use lovely patterns to entice, attract, or protect. Cuttlefish can change the patterns of their skin when engaging males or females and to camouflage. The pattern solely depends on the situation at hand. As an artist – like these bioluminescent creatures I have a natural attraction to hypnotize and entice viewers through my work.

Edith Widder: Glowing Life in an Underwater World

Spectacular chains of Siphonphorae that push so much light can see inside the suit. In land it’s rare to see animals who create light. Big explosions of sparks are from comb jellies. Some animals swim through Bioluminescent areas and attract the creature lights onto their skin and they become a living light show that spread Bioluminescence along the surface. These living lights are not just in deep sea, but on the surface too.

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