Thursday, September 22, 2011

Make Something Update -- Last Thursday

This is a Siphonophore study I drew and speed painted (20 minutes of painting)-- I did a few illustrations of the animal on the side and then composed a brand new creature inspired by my sketches. The Rhizophysa is a real animal that lurks within the dark depths of the deep sea. This specific species lurks around the Philippines a few meters down, but they are terrifying because of how long their "fishing line" tendrils stretch to capture prey. The reference photo (Philippines Marine Photography, is an actual image of the animal in it's natural habitat. In some ways the delicate nature and shape of the animal in the photograph reminded me of a woman. There is a bulbous shape at the top, which could be a head on top of the creature's shoulders with multiple arms reaching out to snare prey. The first picture to the left is a character sheet of my creature just because I wanted to try it out. It's a mock-up of a basic character sheet after looking through other concept artist's layout designs for their characters/creatures for display. It's playing off the educational informative aspect of concept design. It seems that whatever I create has some sort of educational benefit to it and I'm curious to try making another one of these character sheets for a more "scientific" benefit such as displaying the species, genus, location, etc. rather than just display the health point statistics and personality traits of my creatures. I'm interested in the biological background of these "fantasy" monsters and am kind of taking the route of a naturalist sitting down with a sketchbook and observing these pretend creatures as if they were real. With what little is left this week or possibly over the weekend I will try exploring another animal and playing with the "character sheet" again.

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