Sunday, September 11, 2011

Integrative Project

Greetings everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I'm Lindsay Balfour, a Senior in University of Michigan's School of Art and Design. My focuses are in illustration and sculpture, with a heavier emphasis on Scientific Illustration. I work with traditional + digital illustration and clay, bronze, and paper sculpture. Some of the themes I capture are studies of fauna and flora with some occasional medical work in the mix. I tend to have accurate, technical pieces when it comes down to my serious illustrations and other times I develop child-friend work for Children's books. A lot of my pieces are made for educational benefit or study.

Just to get to know me: Some things I collect and keep for inspiration are reprints of old scientific journals kept by naturalists and scientists while working out in the field, antique prints of traditional ink drawings, antique children's books, everything and anything with animals and plants, nature prints, posters of multiple species of animals and plants, Japanese and Chinese paintings, colorful graphic design pieces ... I love art nouveau, Gyotaku Fish Prints, artists like Alphonse Mucha Gustav Klimt, and Trudy Nicholson are among my top favorites! I'll post an inspiration piece very soon.

This blog is geared towards the process and progress of my IP (Integrative Project) Senior Thesis from start to finish. It's a method for you (and I) to gain a proper understanding of how I work, how I think, and what my work is. Feel free to leave comments and critique my work as it goes along this year. I'll be posting my sketches, designs, and other delights so I'm open to any suggestions or comments you have.


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