Friday, February 10, 2012

IP Weekly Progress -- #17

What I Did:
Sunday: (2 hours) Obtained more tissue paper and cut a lot of shapes out.
Monday: (3 hours) Practiced folding "tessellation" like shapes into the paper.
Wednesday: (5 hours) Folding the top portion.
Thursday: (4 hours): Finished folding top portion, began to make tiny chains to "link" parts of the Jelly together.


I had a bit of a rough week being distracted with some silly personal issues ... but near the end of the week I had to really force myself to keep going and I did. I didn't get nearly as much work done as I had hoped, but at least I did.

What I accomplished/discovered/encountered:

I showed what I have accomplished in IP to a few of my interviews at the Art School Career Expo. Some gave me interesting feedback as to how I can push back my paper sculpture in general! Some suggested a special fabric that resembles paper from afar while. The Ann Arbor Street Fair group suggested that having my drawings paired with my tiny sculpture versions because it looked really unique and different compared to most things they see in art shows. This was quite a compliment just because I feel like I'm really beginning to achieve unique work. I was also told that my paper sculptures resemble my drawings because of the number of "lines" made in the folds. The attention of detail in both my drawings and sculpture match well and is something I need to advertise more in my portfolio!

I'm thinking for the future that I make little paper plants/animals and place them inside a shadow box with a drawing in the back. Of course I cannot dwell on that idea for TOOOO long, just because I will get sidetracked. Regardless, glad to benefit from the Expo!

Now, back to IP: I ordered a huge roll of Acid-Free tissue paper. Was easy to find, but not at a good price. I looked at a few "Museum" storage stores and managed to find a roll of it large enough and cheap enough compared to everyone else. Thank goodness!

This week I made some delicate pieces to help "hide" seams and creases between layers of the Jelly dome top. As I make the larger structures I'm beginning to realize how difficult it is to piece them together and need to go back and figure out how to do so.

Tissue paper is really easy to crinkle and manipulate, but even the lightest bumps can cause issues here. I had to keep "re-working spots" when I was building the folds. So frustrating!

Other side of the piece.

I'm starting to build something to "hide" the seams and thinking abou how to connect these pieces together. Of course it won't be nearly as wrinkled!

What should I do next:

Keep making structures. I can't really specify, but keep building and figuring out through creative problem solving.

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Hannah said...

I am looking forward to seeing your work on Tuesday. If you are working with tissue paper, might you be able to sew pieces together?