Thursday, January 26, 2012

IP Weekly Progress -- #15

What I did:

Sunday: (3 hours) Experiment with tissue,
Monday: (5 hours) Large drawings, making little forms with wire, talked to a few sources around campus via e-mail and meetings (About my concept), Richard Tucker and Mark for places to hang my work.
Tuesday: (3 hours) Sketches on cut out shapes to see varieties of folds. Started practice folds on scrap paper.
Thursday: (5 hours) Built a few wire armatures, Studio "paper folding" revisions, cut out some paper shapes to "size" the armature.
Friday (Morning): Wrote the journal article and considering the space as to how my piece will be hung.


I'm BRINGING MY DRAWINGS TO LIFE. I'm really excited to see how the wire armature comes out along with the folded paper forms. I'm still working through the armature portion because I want it to accent my paper folds as well. This might be a challenge and I won't know until I finish folding a sheet of tissue paper and layering it on top.

What I accomplished/discovered/encountered:

Revised my studio this week -- hung up my older paper folds onto the wall and re-organized myself to really focus on the major subject at hand: Siphonophores! I doodled a large creature in sharpie and him large to a scale I want to work at. He will be in several layers and chances are the creature will change very much from my drawing. The drawing is meant to be a guide, but as I started the folding process, it begins to change even a little bit!

There was a lot of trial and error I didn't anticipate until I finished the wire form and tried to layer with the paper shape. I cut out several paper shapes and I couldn't figure out how to fit them over the wire armature with no folds at first. This means when I tried to layer it with the paper shape with folds it was too small or didn't quite fit . I may have to step back to create the paper shape, fold, THEN make the wire armature first. I'm having trouble with this stage of the process, but I know once I figure out a "system" I can crank the first layers of the head of the jelly. Until then I will spend my weekend figuring out this issue to get ahead of my process. I'm feeling good about IP!

The problem solving is pretty hard to explain at the moment, but I need to compose a skeleton for my jelly to gain a sense of depth. I think the best chance is to make the paper layer, fold it and compose a skeleton afterward!

There are some more ideas I have here for cut out shapes.

Right here I thought about making a "swirl" shape from a conch shell for the very top of the creature. This drawing as a few designs for the top so I may have to make a quick texture of the paper just to see what looks best.

A combination of ideas from previous iterations! The "conch" top without the texture incorporated. Curious to see where this goes ....

What I think I should do next:

Continue the wire armature and finish a completed study of paper folds + wire. Light it up and see what happens!

Rinse and repeat!

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james said...

The background and text colors are not working together. The text is frequently indecipherable. I am excited to see what you create based on these gorgeous sketches as they come to life. Remember that excitement to keep pushing you forward through frustrating moments. It will be worth it in the end to see the final product.