Thursday, November 10, 2011

IP Weekly Progress -- #9

(Note: For some reason my Blogger hasn’t been posting my full posts on the first try. This happened last week too. Sorry everyone!)

What I did:

Sunday: (2 hours) Developed a draft for a pitcher plant. (MADE A MILLION OF THESE AND NOT QUITE THERE)

Monday: (2 hours) Sketches of possible flora figures for the installation.

Tuesday: (4 hours) More drafts of this pitcher plant and tried another variation of the petal forms. Worked on decorating my second studio to prepare for hanging forms up.

Wednesday: (1 hour) Picked up more paper and some grant work.

Thursday: (5 hours) Finished sketches, grant work, and better drafts.


I have a second studio, which makes a big difference! It feels a lot better having more space. I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed nor as crowded. It’s nice to have an open space only to become my canvas. I’m making drafts like crazy this week and I’m pretty happy with the amount of work that I created this week. The grant took up more time then I originally intended and I felt a little distracted by the All Student Exhibition. So much too do, so little time. Overrall, this is a rough week and regardless I’m happy with the amount of work I did even though it was sketches and drafts – I feel I’m super close to bursting out some really nice pieces this week.

What I accomplished/discovered/encountered:

After doing some sketching this week, I discovered a whole new way to sell my installation in a new light. I’m starting to finally think of the “why” factor and how I can incorporate it with the installation. I will design large-scale abstractions of plants and animals and install them in an enclosed space, like a corner or a small room, to create an experience for the viewer. These abstractions will be sculpted with large sheets of white paper using scoring, cutting, and advanced folding techniques. My audience will walk into a paper world made entirely from my imagination. To recreate a sense of wonder that has been lost my installation will be interactive like a life size pop-up book you can open and explore.

The reason I want to pursue a subject of nature is because I want to establish a lost connection with mankind and the natural world. Rather than just create an experience I want to go further and have people be able to interact and make an experience for themselves. The project is for me to gain an understanding of how flora and fauna function together in the world through constructing my own paper world while for the audience is to look at the world I’ve created and look at my work in awe. Plants and animals look similar – deep-sea creatures like jellyfish, coral, and sea anemones resemble plants and by combining creatures we see people can look at my abstractions as a way of identifying the elements creatures they may or may not recognize. All living creatures have symbiotic relationships between each other even when we don’t know it. Within many of the paper pieces will be equipped with small LED lights to represent bioluminosity found in deep-sea creatures which use their natural lighting to attract, lure, or hide.

In December I will have small paper folded drafts of flora/fauna forms completed. There will be a mini model of the entire space and what I plan of make for a good idea of scale for the IP consultation and myself to visualize the use of space in the gallery. By January I will convert these drafts into finalized life size forms with large sheets of paper and test lights inside of them to figure the use of power required for each piece. By March I will have all the paper sculptures finished and ready to install by the beginning of April. This installation will take a significant amount of space, requires an area where light can be controlled, and has no windows. With my LED lights in a dark space they will have a glow to “lure” and “attract” like deep-sea creatures. Chances are I will have to start looking into places – but I’m considering WORK gallery downstairs as a great place. I do not think my installation would do well in Slusser because of how congested the room tends to look with everyone’s work trying to fit in one place. Though an off-site gallery space would be nice. I wonder what the process of getting a gallery space is ..

What I think I should do next:

Converting these drafts into large, final forms! And get more large sheets of paper!

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james said...

The sketches, drawn and physical, look great and the conceptualization of the project will help direct your progress. I am looking forward to walking through your life-size paper ‘pop-up’ sculptures. The light will be an interesting feature depending on how you want to utilize it. Do you plan on directing the light more or having it fully illuminate the object internally? Right now the lighting aspect does not feel fully realized, I understand this was an experiment, but that will become a significant issue as you progress. Do you imagine exhibiting in a dark environment?