Friday, April 6, 2012

IP Process -- #24

What I did:

Saturday: (6 hours) Fold tissue paper layers, 
Sunday: (6 hours) Started making cone forms, folded tissue paper layers, developing tendrils, wire form for the very bottom.
Monday: (12 hours) Developed/Folded large "leaf" forms to the dome top to hang over the ash wood splints, folded tissue paper to layer over the bottom portion of the Jelly and the dome. 
Tuesday: (3 hours)
Wednesday: (10 hours) Moved work into Slusser a little early and figuring out space as to where to hang it. Folded layers of tissue paper
Thursday: (6 hours) Gluing cone forms together, putting the shadowbox display together, folding tissue layers, applying to the bottom half.

Process is slow only because the next step for me is to drag my large piece and start installing. I had to wait a couple of days to do so (I'm starting on Friday morning) because everyone is bringing their piece in the gallery space and t's a tad congested. It's a little stressful because I know what needs to be done and my thesis is in a thousand pieces scattered between several studios. The pieces are made, but I need to glue them all together. I'm feeling excited to finally see it come together, but also nervous because I'm ready to go and just want to start putting the whole thing together. I WILL finish, that's for sure. I just need to spend a good portion of the weekend getting everything together and finally assembling it. It's been a little rough since my work has been spread between 2 studios and the common space in the IP studios. I would spend an hour putting it all together just to see what it looked like and I would often move from one space to the next to make sure I was staying on track and everything looked good together. I'm really, really happy that later on Friday I can start putting it all together FINALLY and see my sketch come to life. 

Sometimes I'm just too ambitious for my own good, but I think it's the ambition that really drives me far as an young artist. I'm feeling a wave of nostalgia seeing this piece finally come to life. Now I just need to buckle down one more week! 

What I discovered/accomplished/encountered:

I was on a roll this week -- now that the bulk of the pieces are put together I have a great plan in my head. These are a few updated sketches of my pieces that I want to show in the show. I figured that the best way to display them is to place them inside a shadowbox like an old museum display. I can also place some small paper drafts in there! 

Details of the inside of the Jelly. More accurate on the right side.
With the dome -- it's the completed installation! 

These are some extra drawings I made to decorate the shadow boxes with my "research." The evolution of a single Jellies.

This drawing is from waaaay back in the beginning of IP. It meshes well with the theme of Jellies and I may add this inside too. 

How I plan on displaying my sketches is printing them onto a nice aged paper. I purchased some French printmaking paper that resumes the color of sand to give my prints the early scientific illustrator aesthetic. I'm thinking of even tearing and crinkling the edges to show the wear and tear of the old illustrations.  

Placing the tyvek "leaves" on top just to see what it looked like. The only tissue was there was a lack of  coordinance between the tissue and tyvek paper. The dome of the Jelly had only Tyvek while the bottom had mostly tissue with a little Tyvek. I decided to change my original idea to incorporate the two together. 

This is the top of what the dome will look like. I added light to get a good idea of how it was looking and whether the combination of tyvek and tissue paper accent each other. Fortunately I think it looks pretty good and all I need to do is move the dome outside the studio into the gallery space, glue the tissue layers on, assemble the tyvek "leaves" on, and start putting this entire piece together. It's a lot of additional work, but it's looking fantastic!

What's next?
INSTALL. Place the pieces of the extremely large puzzle together in one space. :) I'm actually VERY excited to see it come together!

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